Envelope Addressing

Send a beautifully addressed invitation to your most treasured guests.
Download our address template to submit your guest list.

How to address Your envelopes

We recommend letting your wedding formality guide you on how best to address guests. We can guide you on how best to address your guests either formally or informally.

How to format your guest list

Please use this template. Triple check that all addresses are spelled correctly and exactly how you would like them to appear. Email your completed list to Sara@TheEssLetter.com

We require that your list matches our preferred format. This helps us calligraph your envelopes and minimise errors. If you’d like, we can format it for you, a $35 fee applies.

Required number of envelopes

Ink spills and splatters, nib scratches, human error, and envelope testing occur when lettering by hand. For this reason we require you to provide an additional envelopes (please see the quantity required below). Failure to provide additional envelopes may results in delays with your order. We do not count envelopes in advance and rely on our clients to provide the correct number. 

We highly recommend adding a few extra envelopes in the likely event of lost mail or last minute guest changes. If we have these on hand, we can easily turnaround the last minute requests.

  • Less than 20 pieces = at least 5 additional items

  • 21+ = at least 25% of your total (round up)

Changes to your guest list

Please only submit your guest list once to us. After that, if your order is still in production, changes/additions incur a $10 fee per batch of changes. Please compile changes/additions into one email to minimise the change fees. If we have completed production of your envelope order, a $35 set-up fee applies for each batch of changes.

To submit a change

Send us the line # of the address along with the corrected address. We will update the master list and complete the updated envelope. If we receive more than one list, there is room for error and confusion, and this will cause delays to your timeline.


Your calligraphy turnaround time begins once we receive both your address list and envelopes.


Your envelopes will be addressed exactly as they are spelled in the information you provide.

Please reference a country’s Post Office for information on foreign addresses.


If we have made an error, we will correct the envelope as soon as possible at no charge. If you have made an error, we will re-do as soon as possible at cost, plus an additional $35 set-up fee for each batch of changes.

You will need to supply envelopes in both instances.