Envelope Calligraphy

Formal and timeless, modern and clean, or playful and whimsical


Make a beautiful statement with envelope calligraphy for your wedding, thank you notes or holiday cards. A classic and timeless piece that is sure to make your recipients feel extra special. See our calligraphy styles below!


Our hand lettered envelope calligraphy is $5 NZD per guest address. See below for more details. We also offer partial calligraphy paired with printed address - contact us for more information!


Calligraphy styles

As shown below, however due to the artistic nature of calligraphy, letterforms my vary.

The Ess Letter | Wedding Calligraphy styles.jpg

Calligraphy addressing

Select your:

  • lettering style

  • ink colour (black, white, gold or we can create a custom colour for you!)

  • envelope layout (we can address the envelope in many ways, and happy to create a sketch design for your review)

  • formality of address style

Wedding Envelopes

We offer a range of envelope sizes for invitations and reply cards in a variety of colours using high quality premium papers including handmade paper with deckled edges. Our envelopes come with a variety of flaps including euro and wallet flap.

We require 20% additional quantity of envelopes supplied with your order in the likely case of ink spills, splatters, nib scratches, and human error. Plus, we recommend you keep additional pieces on hand or with us in the likely event of lost mail or last minute guest changes.

You can supply your own envelopes, or you can purchase through us. We source envelopes from around the world and have a variety of sizes available.

Guest address list

Here’s our guest list template to submit back to us when completed and to help you track your addresses.

Turnaround time

2-3 weeks! This may change depending on our availability, and the number of envelopes you require. Weddings invitations are typically sent out 3-4 months prior to the wedding day - but every event is different, contact us for availability.


Please read our addressing guide and frequently asked questions for more information.

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Envelope Calligraphy | The Ess Letter