About The Ess Letter

Touch. Feel. Love.


Our bespoke studio is located in Wellington New Zealand. We create treasured pieces that are tailored for your one of a kind special day. Our work is created by hand, bringing old world charm and romance to paper in a modern way. Our style is understated and refined that makes a subtle statement.

All orders are custom made. Contact us for availability and pricing.


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Meet Sara

From a young age, my type A, left brained, stubborn heart had me practising my handwriting to prepare for a career where I figured penmanship would be extremely important. Little did I know the future was digital, but that didn’t stop me from perfecting my signature or hoarding blank notebooks where I would envision each page filled with perfectly formed sentences.

My background in weddings and events highlighted the importance of the smallest details that made a lasting impression. Guest names written with old fashioned pointed pen and ink on textured handmade paper, double thick cotton invitations sent by mail to ask for your presence, a chilled welcome drink waiting for you to arrive, and a sweet treat on your pillow after a long day of travel. 

From the moment you are engaged, every part of your celebration is marked by loving words, meaningful keepsakes, and sweet moments. Wedding stationery plays a supporting role in helping connect your guests to your special day. Let’s create something beautiful and memorable for the occasion.I